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    2. New Build Narrowboats

      This portfolio contains a small collection of some of the boats Brinklow Boat Services have built.

      • 'Cowburn & Cowpar' Remakes

        Over the years, Simon Wain has built a number of Cowburn and Cowpar remake narrowboats. A selection of these are shown below and are designed from the style of boats built by W. J. Yarwood and Sons for Cowburn and Cowpar in the 1930s.

      • Small Northwich remakes

        The team at Brinklow have built a number of replica/remake narrowboats following the design built by W. J. Yarwood and Sons of Northwich for the Grand Union Canal Carrying Company in 1935 and known as the 'Small Northwich' boats. A sample o…

      • Steam Tunnel Tug Hasty

        Hasty was built at Brinklow Boat Services by the steel work team as a remake of a steam powered tunnel tug which was employed to pull groups of narrowboats through Blisworth tunnel. The original Hasty can be seen photographed in the gallery…

      • Small Woolwich remake - ASTRAEA

        Steve Priest has been building a small woolwich remake over the past year. This is the first of its kind built by the team at Brinklow and the attention to detail it truly stunning. This style of boat was built by Harland and Wolff for the …

      • Northwich remake - 2014 Build

        The team at Brinklow Boat Services have just (January 2014) started on a new Small Northwich remake. The bottom plates have now been laid and work has started on the centre section side plates. This new build will be a 70ft open hold narrow…